Wiltshire Wedding Photographer Salisbury – Sheene Mill

Wiltshire Wedding Photographer Salisbury – Sheene Mill

Incredible Monday Wedding with Lisa & Tom at Sheene Mill

Family and friends all came together to celebrate the marriage of Lisa and Tom.

What a spectacular day it was at Sheene Mill

I cannot wait to share the rest of this wedding with you, but for now, here is a sneak peek.


Incredible Indian Braxted Park Wedding

Incredible Indian Braxted Park Wedding

The vibrancy and colour of an Incredible Indian Braxted Park Wedding makes it a delight to photograph, which is why I was so pleased to be invited to Incredible Indian Braxted Park   Wedding to help capture one loving couple’s happy day this month.

Both bride and groom looked beautiful in their ornate traditionally Indian wedding dress, and their love for each other, and happiness at the day, really shines through every photograph. The brides two piece dress was highlighted with an ornate pink and gold veil which coordinated perfectly with the gold brocade of the groom’s jacket.

Indian weddings tend to be large community affairs, meaning there are hundreds of guests to photograph and interact with: something I find very enjoyable! Braxted Park is a beautiful stately home, and the perfect venue for a large Indian wedding, whilst still retaining a very traditional feel. First constructed in 1342, Braxted Park is an imposing building that sits on acres of land, meaning it has many natural gardens perfect for relaxed wedding photography of the Bride and Groom.

Following their traditional Indian and legal English ceremonies, the happy couple remained at Braxted park for their wedding breakfast and party: an elaborate affair that consisted of a towering three tier cake and hours of high octane dancing. As the confetti fell, family and friends gathered together to ensure that this was a day the couple would never forget and, as their Indian Wedding Photographer, I was there to capture every moment.

It was clear to see that this is a couple who are very much in love, and who were truly thrilled to be joining together as man and wife and embarking on an exciting new life together. I hope their enjoy a long and happy marriage, and am thrilled to have been involved in providing them with photographs they will cherish forever.

I am delighted to provide the best Indian Wedding Photography available in the UK, and work hard to get to know all of my couples, to ensure they are relaxed and comfortable when I am taking their photograph. This commitment shines through in these images, where the couple are relaxed and truly able to enjoy every moment of their first hours as newly-weds.

If you are considering Braxted Park for your Indian wedding venue and are looking for the best Indian wedding photography from a photographer with experience in shooting at your venue, and get the best possible photos of your special day, then why not get in touch? I would love to get to know you, and find out more about your wedding. It would be an honour to be involved in making it as memorable as possible.

Islington Town Hall Wedding

Islington Town Hall Wedding

  A wedding is always a reflection of the couple.   Personalities and their passions shine through in every detail and choice that a couple have spent many months planning to perfection. The elegance of Islington Town Hall Wedding venue is a perfect complement to a vintage inspired theme. With the grand interiors, period architecture, and the golden glow emanating from its wood paneled walls, it is easy to see why they chose an Islington Town Hall Wedding.

   The ceremony was emotional, with as many laughs as there were happy tears, as family and friends came together to celebrate. The groom’s breath was taken away by his insanely gorgeous bride as entered the room with a modern twist to a fabulous 40s look. The bride herself, was nearly overcome during her vows, as she made promises of their new life together, gazing at the beaming smiles of her soon to be husband.

  With the I Dos said, emotional tears wiped away, it was time to get the celebrations truly started and mingle with their guests. The atmosphere was jubilant and the groom triumphant as they left their Islington Town Hall Wedding to make way to their reception at The Rose Pub, nestled in the bright lights of London.

  These two were full of energy. I love how the smiles and laughter were never ending. Constant eruptions of uproarious laughs punctuated the genuinely sweet moments and adoring looks.

  This was truly a match to behold and my favourite image from this amazing vintage wedding, was from their first dance. As they glided around the floor, surrounded by the love of their on looking guests, it was as if the room had melted away and left only them.  I don’t think they took their eyes of each other, even for an instant. Whatever you have planned for your wedding day, I hope it is filled with as much joy and love as I was privileged to witness this day.

The Stufenbau Event Wedding Venue

The Stufenbau Event Wedding Venue

As a Wiltshire Wedding Photographer, I get to see so many amazing local venues that it would be hard for me to pick a favourite.  However, not all my amazing couples are local and I have had the great privilege of capturing amazing wedding photographs, all over the UK, but also abroad.  As an experienced destination wedding photographer, I have travelled across Europe, photographing destinations weddings in Sweden, Poland, Italy and Switzerland so far.   I love being a destination wedding photographer as gives me the opportunity to combine my two passions, wedding photography and travel.

I have been lucky enough to photograph multiple destination weddings in Switzerland, each unique and amazing,  though one of my favourite venues has to be the Stufenbau Event Wedding Venue.

The Stufenbau Event Wedding Venue is a dream wedding venue for a destination wedding photographer.  With its modern architecture, this incredible wedding venue has large rooms, lit by enormous windows by day and stunning chandeliers at night, transforming it into a stunning backdrop for any wedding.

I recently shot a fantastic wedding, where the Stufenbau Event Wedding Venue was chosen as a modern wedding reception venue to contrast with the couple’s choices of a more traditional church ceremony, followed by a picturesque barn for their cocktail drinks.   As a destination wedding photographer I often see couples choose a venue that has an architectural feel of the region, but rarely am I treated to three such uniquely different locations to capture amazing destination wedding photographs.

I love going to a new venue, and feeling creatively challenged to create something new and exciting for my couples.   One of the reasons that couples choose a destination wedding photographer over an established local photographer, is that we are not stuck in a rut. We don’t pose the couple in our “favourite” spots, producing the same wedding photographs in the same way every time.   Every wedding couple deserves to feel special and have their day recognised as the unique celebration of their love and have original wedding photographs that look like their wedding, not exactly like someone else’s.   I love discovering what each new venue can offer and creating spectacular wedding photographs that will wow you and your loved ones, long after your wedding day.

However wherever I am, what I love most about being a wedding photographer, is creating natural wedding shots that capture your family and friends exactly how you picture them in your mind.  Laughing, smiling, tears of joy and celebration, sharing amazing moments is no doubt how you want to remember them and I love being able to capture these precious moments for my couples to keep.  One of the best parts of being a destination wedding photographer is that unlike other weddings, guests have often had to travel great distance to be there.  Family and friends often arrive a few days earlier and by the time the wedding arrives, guests have got to know each other.  Destination Weddings always have the most relaxed guests and this makes for great natural wedding photographs.  The dancing is always spectacular and as people whirl around the floor, they rarely notice me photographing them, too busy caught up in the fun of the moment.   It is only the epic dancefloor shots that remind them I was there.

If you are looking for a destination wedding photographer to capture your amazing memories, I’d love to hear from you.  You can check my availability for your date and  tell me all about your fantastic destination wedding plans here.

Best Destination Wedding Poland

Best Destination Wedding Poland

Linda and Tomek chose to head to Poland for their destination wedding, and enjoy the natural rustic beauty that the country has to offer. The couple married in a traditional Polish church, surrounded by all of their loved ones, friends and family, and then embraced nature with a modern barn-style wedding reception.

Linda looked truly breath taking in a simple fitted two piece lace and tulle gown with cutaway details at the waist and a fitted skirt that moved in the breeze as she walked. The gown was teamed with a simple pink flower in her hair, and for her bouquet Linda chose to carry a bouquet of Polish wildflowers, which suited her gown perfectly. Tomek complemented his bride by looking very dapper in a navy blue fitted suit and matching bow tie pared with a blue and white polka dotted shirt.

Once their wedding ceremony was over and they were joined as husband and wife, the party really started for this fun-loving couple, who obviously wanted to make the most of every minute of their best destination wedding in Poland. The happy couple laughed, danced, and encouraged everyone present at their wedding to be a part of the fun from the minute the day began to the minute the day ended. After they had eaten their traditional wedding breakfast, Linda even switched her skirt for a shorter version teamed with trainers rather than heels at the reception, so that she could dance, run, and enjoy every aspect of her big day to its fullest. It was truly joyful to watch.

Embracing the natural tones of their surroundings, their colour scheme was very rustic and naturalistic: the couple pared shades of cream and brown together with plenty of natural wildflowers and green leaves to create one of the most beautiful rustic wedding themes that I have seen.

They also made the most of the venue’s outside space, choosing to have many of their group photos taken in the lush green meadows that surrounded their destination wedding venue.

This was one of the best destination wedding Poland wedding that I have ever been invited to be a part of, and I was privileged to be able to capture so many unique details from Linda and Tomek’s special day.

Poland was clearly the best destination wedding location for this wonderful couple, who were beaming with delight throughout the day. It was a true honour to have been chosen as their best destination wedding Poland photographer, and to have been a part of their big day.

I love to photograph destination weddings and capture the light in different parts of the world, so to have visited Poland with this couple was a true privilege.

If you are having a destination wedding in Poland and would like a versatile photographer who combines modern photography techniques with traditional styles for a unique affect, please do get in touch here. I would be delighted to share my portfolio and my experience with you.


Destination Wedding Switzerland

Switzerland is an incredibly popular location for destination weddings. The countryside is incredibly beautiful, making it the ideal location for destination wedding photography that you’ll treasure forever, and the laws surrounding tourists getting married in Switzerland are few, and very easy to navigate. Switzerland is the ideal destination wedding location for visitors looking for a beautiful wedding that will make a big impact, but without costing the earth.

If you choose to have a destination wedding in Switzerland then you are going to have so much to organise: from arranging the paperwork to finding the perfect wedding dress. However one thing that doesn’t need to be difficult is finding a destination wedding photographer. It is important to choose a photographer that has photographed weddings in Switzerland before, and is someone warm and friendly that you feel you have a good rapport with: after all, destination weddings tend to be small family affairs, and it is likely that your photographer will become an important part of your wedding party.

Switzerland is a beautiful country, and having worked as a destination wedding photographer in the country before gives a huge advantage to happy couples that are looking for a photographer that is not only a wonderful professional photographer but a destination expert as well. Choosing a photographer to travel to Switzerland and act as your destination wedding photographer from the UK is also beneficial as it means you are sure to have a shared language, and nothing will be lost in translation. The wedding photography is one of the most important aspects of your wedding day, so it is important to ensure that you make a good choice and pick the right destination wedding photographer for you.

Switzerland is the ideal wedding destination for taking wonderfully atmospheric wedding photographs. You can choose to take wonderful mountain top photographs, using the incredible Swiss alps as the most glorious backdrop. Alternatively, Switzerland is a quaint country full of wonderful small villages with ancient churches and chapels that make not only incredible places to get married, but also wonderful places to take your destination wedding photography. There is no finer country to choose if you’re looking to have a destination wedding within Europe: Switzerland is a jewel in Europe’s crown, home of the most beautiful landscapes in the world.

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