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Harpreet and Dilbagh enjoyed a beautiful and traditional Punjabi style wedding on a perfectly blustery Autumn day. The couple chose to share and cement their love with a simple but beautiful civil ceremony held at their local registry office, followed by an opulent and decadent Punjabi reception, full of dancing and food, laughter and fun. It was a wonderfully happy day for a wonderfully happy couple.

The bride looked spectacular in a heavily embroidered traditional gown in rich shades of fuschia pink and navy blue. She wore her long hair in a simple demi-up do to complement the look, and added plenty of jewellery to ensure that her outfit really shone. Even Harpreet’s make up and vibrant shade of fuchsia lipstick had been chosen impeccably to match her gorgeous wedding ensemble. Meanwhile, her groom Dilbagh complemented her bridal outfit by wearing a dapper tuxedo and picking out the colour in his bride’s garb with a vibrant hot pick bow tie and handkerchief combo.

Hot pink was certainly the colour scheme of the day, with ribbons in the shade adorning each chair and all the other décor and floral arrangements picking out the colour too. It was a shade perfectly suited to the vibrancy and fun of the wedding reception and made sure that every detail really stood out for all of the right reasons. Vibrant colours such as these are a joy to photograph, and the thought and attention that Harpreet and Dilbagh had put into their wedding made it a dream for me as their Asian wedding photographer, to capture on film.

The love, respect, and happiness that Harpreet and Dilbagh share radiates from every single photograph of this wonderful, fun-loving couple and it was truly a pleasure to be chosen as the Bedford wedding photographer that would capture each and every moment of their special day. We’re sure that every family member and treasured guest that attended the event will agree it was certainly not a wedding that will be forgotten in a hurry!

If you’re looking for an Asian wedding photographer in Bedford to capture all the special and unforgettable moments of your big day then please do get in touch to see further examples of my work and to find out how I can help you to capture every moment of your wedding day in a uniquely modern, but still traditional, way.

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