Luxury Destination Wedding in Poland

Luxury Destination Wedding in Poland -Sneak Peek

It was absolutely amazing destination wedding in Poland.

The couple had chosen the spectacular town Tarnów  for their wedding.

Karolina and Adam enjoyed a wonderful and romantic wedding day at the Taurus wedding Venue

Their wedding was filled with fun and adventure, much like the happy couple themselves, and I was proud to be chosen  to capture this incredibly special day.

I cannot wait to share the rest of this wedding with you, but for now, here is a sneak peek.


The Stufenbau Event Wedding Venue

The Stufenbau Event Wedding Venue

As a Wiltshire Wedding Photographer, I get to see so many amazing local venues that it would be hard for me to pick a favourite.  However, not all my amazing couples are local and I have had the great privilege of capturing amazing wedding photographs, all over the UK, but also abroad.  As an experienced destination wedding photographer, I have travelled across Europe, photographing destinations weddings in Sweden, Poland, Italy and Switzerland so far.   I love being a destination wedding photographer as gives me the opportunity to combine my two passions, wedding photography and travel.

I have been lucky enough to photograph multiple destination weddings in Switzerland, each unique and amazing,  though one of my favourite venues has to be the Stufenbau Event Wedding Venue.

The Stufenbau Event Wedding Venue is a dream wedding venue for a destination wedding photographer.  With its modern architecture, this incredible wedding venue has large rooms, lit by enormous windows by day and stunning chandeliers at night, transforming it into a stunning backdrop for any wedding.

I recently shot a fantastic wedding, where the Stufenbau Event Wedding Venue was chosen as a modern wedding reception venue to contrast with the couple’s choices of a more traditional church ceremony, followed by a picturesque barn for their cocktail drinks.   As a destination wedding photographer I often see couples choose a venue that has an architectural feel of the region, but rarely am I treated to three such uniquely different locations to capture amazing destination wedding photographs.

I love going to a new venue, and feeling creatively challenged to create something new and exciting for my couples.   One of the reasons that couples choose a destination wedding photographer over an established local photographer, is that we are not stuck in a rut. We don’t pose the couple in our “favourite” spots, producing the same wedding photographs in the same way every time.   Every wedding couple deserves to feel special and have their day recognised as the unique celebration of their love and have original wedding photographs that look like their wedding, not exactly like someone else’s.   I love discovering what each new venue can offer and creating spectacular wedding photographs that will wow you and your loved ones, long after your wedding day.

However wherever I am, what I love most about being a wedding photographer, is creating natural wedding shots that capture your family and friends exactly how you picture them in your mind.  Laughing, smiling, tears of joy and celebration, sharing amazing moments is no doubt how you want to remember them and I love being able to capture these precious moments for my couples to keep.  One of the best parts of being a destination wedding photographer is that unlike other weddings, guests have often had to travel great distance to be there.  Family and friends often arrive a few days earlier and by the time the wedding arrives, guests have got to know each other.  Destination Weddings always have the most relaxed guests and this makes for great natural wedding photographs.  The dancing is always spectacular and as people whirl around the floor, they rarely notice me photographing them, too busy caught up in the fun of the moment.   It is only the epic dancefloor shots that remind them I was there.

If you are looking for a destination wedding photographer to capture your amazing memories, I’d love to hear from you.  You can check my availability for your date and  tell me all about your fantastic destination wedding plans here.

Millbridge Court Wedding Venue

Millbridge Court Wedding  Venue

It was a picturesque day in September, when Lianne and Jonathan married at the stunning Millbridge Court Wedding Venue.  Their wedding was witnessed by their loving family and friends, travelling near and far, to celebrate the marriage of Lianne and Jonathan in what can only be a be described as a magical wedding day.

The couple had chosen the spectacular Millbridge Court Wedding Venue for their wedding, captivated no doubt by Millbridge Court’s unique beauty, set in beautifully landscaped grounds, with its light and airy architecture making it one of Surrey’s dream wedding venues and the first choice for couples looking for a modern barn wedding venue in Surrey.  Lara Kellaway, Millbridge Court’s lovely wedding coordinator, was on hand to make sure everything, ran smoothly, allowing Lianne and Jonathan to relax and enjoy their dream wedding day.

The bride looked radiant, surrounded by her lovely bridesmaids and mum, barely containing their joy, with beaming with smiles as they got ready and the champagne flowed.  Liane had chosen a stunning wedding gown, layer upon layer of tulle and delicate lace, a sight to behold for her delighted husband to be, waiting with anticipation at the end of the aisle.   Their love was evident for all to see and Jonathan couldn’t resist going in for a quick kiss with his gorgeous bride, before the ceremony got underway.

Millbridge Court Wedding Venue offers a choice of ceremony location, with Lianne and Jonathan  choosing the stunning ceremony barn, with its spectacular window feature, allowing the light to gently stream through, bathing the couple in sunlight.  Millbridge Court Wedding Venue is certainly an ideal choice for couples looking for a modern barn-style wedding venue that will really wow their guests  The ceremony was emotional and full of joy as Lianne and  Jonathan said their I Do’s, finally becoming man and wife.

Making their way into the beautiful garden, the happy couple were greeted with flurries of confetti,  and their guest’s were greeted by drinks and canapes.  Not leaving any detail to chance, Lianne and Jonathan had organised a fantastic magician to entertain their guests with his slight of hand and charming wit.   Thinking of everything, Lianne and Jonathan has also hired a talented caricaturist to create personalised portraits of each of the wedding guests, making a fantastic wedding gift for each guest to take home.   Whilst the guests were being delighted, as they dined on Kalm Kitchen’s enticing catering creations, sipped on drinks in the September sun , whilst being amazed with the wedding entertainment, I slipped away with the happy couple, to capture some fantastic wedding portraits in the beautiful golden hour light.

The wedding party once again got to enjoy the enticing offerings of Kalm Kitchen’s catering and the room was filled with joy as the guests shared  Lianne and Jonathan’s first meal as mans and wife.   In between courses guests shared their memories of Lianne and Jonathan and laughed out loud as they compared their wedding caricature portraits.   After the hilarity of the speeches and tears of laughter, the happy couple took to the dancefloor, serenaded by a live band, guaranteed to get any wedding party out of the seats.   Joined by their guests, the party really got started, with the band playing a fantastic selection and bride showing the guests exactly how it’s done.  After an unforgettable day, everyone partied the night away, and Lianne and Jonathon began the newest chapter of their lives.

I love being a wedding photographer at Millbridge Court Wedding Venue as this spectacular venue provides a Surrey wedding photographer with so many gifts, for creating amazing wedding photographs that a couple with treasure for a lifetime.  If you are looking for an extraordinary Surrey wedding venue and want a modern barn wedding, then look no further than Millbridge Court Wedding Venue.  Lara Kellaway and her team will put you at ease, making sure you are well taken care of, and as a Surrey wedding photographer, I can capture all those natural smiles in your photography.   If you would like to talk to an experienced Surrey wedding photographer, who can capture your wedding day naturally, whilst still giving you breath taking portraits, then contact me here, to check my availability for your dream wedding day.



Salisbury Best Wiltshire Wedding Photographer 2015

2015 has been an incredible year for Zibi Photography. We have had the privilege to photograph dozens of incredible, thoughtful, beautiful and romantic weddings all over the world, and have delighted in sharing in the love of many couples as they begin their new journey into married life.

At Zibi Photography we always want to be at the forefront of wedding photography innovation, and are constantly researching new wedding photography styles and techniques in order to ensure that every wedding photograph we take looks simultaneously modern and timeless. Photography is constantly changing, and that is just one of the things that makes it such a wonderful and exciting field to work in.

The other thing that ensures we enjoy our work to the fullest is the wonderful and eclectic collection of people we get to work with. We enjoy meeting couples for their engagement or pre-wedding photoshoots, listening to the details as they plan their wedding and share their vision for their dream wedding photography, and then being able to make that vision come to life when the happy day arrives. As the best Wiltshire wedding photographer available in the region, and one of the finest wedding photographers in the country, we are still excited and humbled when new couples choose to work with us for their wedding photography, and share their vision for their perfect day. Your wedding day is likely to be one of the happiest days of your life, and your wedding photography will serve as a constant reminder of that: being responsible for creating those photographs is a genuine pleasure.

To all of our happy 2015 wedding couples, we wish you a long life full of love and continued happiness. To those couples we look forward to working with in 2016, we are excited to welcome your Big Days and hope that the planning and organisation is going as smoothly as possible. We are confident that you have chosen the best Wiltshire wedding photographer for your special day, and we are excited to share it with you.

As the best Wiltshire wedding photographer 2015 has seen me travel all over the country, and all over the world, to photograph an incredible wide array of beautiful and amazing weddings. Here are just a few of my favourite shots that have been taken over the past 12 months. Happy New Year to you all:

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Destination Wedding Switzerland

Switzerland is an incredibly popular location for destination weddings. The countryside is incredibly beautiful, making it the ideal location for destination wedding photography that you’ll treasure forever, and the laws surrounding tourists getting married in Switzerland are few, and very easy to navigate. Switzerland is the ideal destination wedding location for visitors looking for a beautiful wedding that will make a big impact, but without costing the earth.

If you choose to have a destination wedding in Switzerland then you are going to have so much to organise: from arranging the paperwork to finding the perfect wedding dress. However one thing that doesn’t need to be difficult is finding a destination wedding photographer. It is important to choose a photographer that has photographed weddings in Switzerland before, and is someone warm and friendly that you feel you have a good rapport with: after all, destination weddings tend to be small family affairs, and it is likely that your photographer will become an important part of your wedding party.

Switzerland is a beautiful country, and having worked as a destination wedding photographer in the country before gives a huge advantage to happy couples that are looking for a photographer that is not only a wonderful professional photographer but a destination expert as well. Choosing a photographer to travel to Switzerland and act as your destination wedding photographer from the UK is also beneficial as it means you are sure to have a shared language, and nothing will be lost in translation. The wedding photography is one of the most important aspects of your wedding day, so it is important to ensure that you make a good choice and pick the right destination wedding photographer for you.

Switzerland is the ideal wedding destination for taking wonderfully atmospheric wedding photographs. You can choose to take wonderful mountain top photographs, using the incredible Swiss alps as the most glorious backdrop. Alternatively, Switzerland is a quaint country full of wonderful small villages with ancient churches and chapels that make not only incredible places to get married, but also wonderful places to take your destination wedding photography. There is no finer country to choose if you’re looking to have a destination wedding within Europe: Switzerland is a jewel in Europe’s crown, home of the most beautiful landscapes in the world.

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bride and groom in an alley grapes
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