Wiltshire Wedding Photographer Salisbury

Wiltshire Wedding Photographer Salisbury

2017 was an incredible year here at Zibi Photography Wiltshire Wedding Photographer Salisbury, filled with happy couples, beautiful weddings, and the honour of being able to capture so many amazing memories. With so many different types of weddings in venues all over the UK, and across the world, it is certainly impossible to pick my favourite, with each wedding having its own unique style and charm. However I do have some photos that are special to me, because they jump off the screen when I’m flicking through the photographs I have taken in 2017, showing special moments that have been captured to perfection. It is these images I would like to share with you in this post. These photos have been chosen because they make me smile, and I hope they will make you smile too.
My specific wedding photography style means that I capture both portraits and moments, providing a unique point of view of a day that often passes by in a blur. I hope I have managed to convey both aspects of this photography style in the photos that I have chosen.
Being a Wiltshire Wedding Photographer Salisbury is truly the most fantastic job in the world and I feel proud and honoured to have been chosen to be such a significant part of so many special days. I have enjoyed working with every single one of my 2017 couples, who all brought such joy and happiness to their wedding days, which made my job as their wedding photographer seem so easy!
If I was involved in your wedding in any small way in 2017 then thank you for letting me be a part of it, and thank you for being such a big part of my 2017! I hope 2018 brings you lots of joy and that your marriages continue to be as happy as your wedding days were. With so many weddings already lined up for 2018, I can’t wait to meet and work with my newest brides and grooms and help to capture some beautiful photographs of their special days. If you’re not yet part of my 2018 and are looking for a wedding photographer then please do get in touch to find out more about the range of services I can offer.

Great Fosters luxury Surrey Wedding

Great Fosters luxury Surrey Wedding -Sneak Peek

Absolutely amazing wedding at Great Fosters it was.

The couple had chosen the spectacular Great Fosters luxury Surrey Wedding Venue for their wedding.

Sarah and Greg enjoyed a wonderful and romantic wedding day at the Great Fosters.

Their wedding was filled with fun and adventure, much like the happy couple themselves, and I was proud to be chosen  to capture this incredibly special day.

I cannot wait to share the rest of this wedding with you, but for now, here is a sneak peek.


Sussex Barn Wedding Burnham Market, Norfolk

Sussex Barn Wedding Burnham Market, Norfolk

Jessica and Arlo’s wedding is fast approaching: the happy couple are preparing to say ‘I do’ at a traditional Sussex Barn Wedding Burnham Market, Norfolk in August. It was a delight to get to know Jessica and Arlo better before their big day by capturing some beautiful and natural photos of the couple at their engagement photoshoot in Sussex Barn Burnham Market, Norfolk.

As they walked hand in hand, laughing and looking each other in the eye, it was clear to see just how in love this happy couple is, and how much they are looking forward to their Sussex Barn wedding next month. The couple shared their photoshoot with their friendly dog, and chose to have their photoshoot in their hometown of Burnham Market, Norfolk, so that they could truly embrace the family life that they are about to embark on.

Jessica and Arlo’s affectionate and fun-filled relationship is reflected in each and every one of the images, and I can’t wait to capture more special moments of them together on their wedding day. They are a fun and easy couple to work with, and it’s clear that Jessica is going to make a beautiful bride.

I always enjoy conducting engagement photoshoots for my bride and grooms. It gives them a chance to get to know me better before their wedding day, to become more relaxed in front of the camera, and for me to gain experience in shooting the couple and getting to know what poses and styles they prefer.

Travelling to Sussex Barn Wedding Burnham Market , to spend time with the couple allowed me to see them in their natural environment, and this will help me to better capture the best possible images for them on their wedding day. I regular travel across the UK, and around Europe, to capture wonderful images of happy couples on their wedding days: no location is too far away or too remote.

If you’re looking for a wedding photographer to work with for your wedding photos or an engagement photo shoot then why not get in touch? I’d love to hear from you and would be delighted to work with you and play such a significant part of your special day.

Incredible Indian Braxted Park Wedding

Incredible Indian Braxted Park Wedding

The vibrancy and colour of an Incredible Indian Braxted Park Wedding makes it a delight to photograph, which is why I was so pleased to be invited to Incredible Indian Braxted Park   Wedding to help capture one loving couple’s happy day this month.

Both bride and groom looked beautiful in their ornate traditionally Indian wedding dress, and their love for each other, and happiness at the day, really shines through every photograph. The brides two piece dress was highlighted with an ornate pink and gold veil which coordinated perfectly with the gold brocade of the groom’s jacket.

Indian weddings tend to be large community affairs, meaning there are hundreds of guests to photograph and interact with: something I find very enjoyable! Braxted Park is a beautiful stately home, and the perfect venue for a large Indian wedding, whilst still retaining a very traditional feel. First constructed in 1342, Braxted Park is an imposing building that sits on acres of land, meaning it has many natural gardens perfect for relaxed wedding photography of the Bride and Groom.

Following their traditional Indian and legal English ceremonies, the happy couple remained at Braxted park for their wedding breakfast and party: an elaborate affair that consisted of a towering three tier cake and hours of high octane dancing. As the confetti fell, family and friends gathered together to ensure that this was a day the couple would never forget and, as their Indian Wedding Photographer, I was there to capture every moment.

It was clear to see that this is a couple who are very much in love, and who were truly thrilled to be joining together as man and wife and embarking on an exciting new life together. I hope their enjoy a long and happy marriage, and am thrilled to have been involved in providing them with photographs they will cherish forever.

I am delighted to provide the best Indian Wedding Photography available in the UK, and work hard to get to know all of my couples, to ensure they are relaxed and comfortable when I am taking their photograph. This commitment shines through in these images, where the couple are relaxed and truly able to enjoy every moment of their first hours as newly-weds.

If you are considering Braxted Park for your Indian wedding venue and are looking for the best Indian wedding photography from a photographer with experience in shooting at your venue, and get the best possible photos of your special day, then why not get in touch? I would love to get to know you, and find out more about your wedding. It would be an honour to be involved in making it as memorable as possible.

Salisbury Best Wiltshire Wedding Photographer 2015

2015 has been an incredible year for Zibi Photography. We have had the privilege to photograph dozens of incredible, thoughtful, beautiful and romantic weddings all over the world, and have delighted in sharing in the love of many couples as they begin their new journey into married life.

At Zibi Photography we always want to be at the forefront of wedding photography innovation, and are constantly researching new wedding photography styles and techniques in order to ensure that every wedding photograph we take looks simultaneously modern and timeless. Photography is constantly changing, and that is just one of the things that makes it such a wonderful and exciting field to work in.

The other thing that ensures we enjoy our work to the fullest is the wonderful and eclectic collection of people we get to work with. We enjoy meeting couples for their engagement or pre-wedding photoshoots, listening to the details as they plan their wedding and share their vision for their dream wedding photography, and then being able to make that vision come to life when the happy day arrives. As the best Wiltshire wedding photographer available in the region, and one of the finest wedding photographers in the country, we are still excited and humbled when new couples choose to work with us for their wedding photography, and share their vision for their perfect day. Your wedding day is likely to be one of the happiest days of your life, and your wedding photography will serve as a constant reminder of that: being responsible for creating those photographs is a genuine pleasure.

To all of our happy 2015 wedding couples, we wish you a long life full of love and continued happiness. To those couples we look forward to working with in 2016, we are excited to welcome your Big Days and hope that the planning and organisation is going as smoothly as possible. We are confident that you have chosen the best Wiltshire wedding photographer for your special day, and we are excited to share it with you.

As the best Wiltshire wedding photographer 2015 has seen me travel all over the country, and all over the world, to photograph an incredible wide array of beautiful and amazing weddings. Here are just a few of my favourite shots that have been taken over the past 12 months. Happy New Year to you all:

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The Landmark Hotel Wedding

Emma and Sam chose to marry on the 22 March 2015, and were blessed with a wedding day that was cold but dry and bright.

Emma and Sam enjoyed a traditional Jewish wedding full of love, and drawing from the rich cultural history of their religion. It was a beautiful Jewish wedding ceremony attended by all of their loved ones, followed by a huge wedding reception at the Landmark Hotel in central London. The Landmark Hotel is an incredibly imposing and awe inspiring hotel situated in the heart of London, making it the perfect location to hold a large and glamorous wedding.

Emma wore a truly beautiful lace gown with a full tulle skirt, teamed with a matching lace bolero to cover her shoulders and arms. She accessorised her gown with a traditional floor length veil and a beautiful hand tied bouquet, and chose to wear her hair in a chic up ‘do. The bride was accompanied down the aisle by both of her parents. Meanwhile Sam wore a stylish slim fitting black suit, and was accompanied by a host of groomsmen wearing identical, and equally stylish suits.

Following their wedding ceremony, the happy couple hosted a huge wedding reception at the Landmark Hotel, where they were joined by hundreds of guests keen to celebrate their marriage. They enjoyed traditional Jewish dancing accompanied by an upbeat live band, and with plenty of delicious food. The white dancefloor and incredible lighting system was a photographers dream!

I was thrilled to be a part of this special day and photograph a traditional Jewish wedding at the Landmark Hotel. This beautiful hotel was the ideal venue for this wedding, and set the atmosphere for what truly was a wonderful event. I was working with David Morgan as the second photographer on this wedding which gave me the opportunity to capture a host of wonderful details and ensure that every aspect of this wonderful wedding was documented.

The Landmark Hotel Wedding_1000 The Landmark Hotel Wedding_1030 The Landmark Hotel Wedding_1002 The Landmark Hotel Wedding_1007 The Landmark Hotel Wedding_1006 The Landmark Hotel Wedding_1004 The Landmark Hotel Wedding_1008 The Landmark Hotel Wedding_1005 The Landmark Hotel Wedding_1011 The Landmark Hotel Wedding_1013 The Landmark Hotel Wedding_1012 The Landmark Hotel Wedding_1026 The Landmark Hotel Wedding_1014 The Landmark Hotel Wedding_1015 The Landmark Hotel Wedding_1021 The Landmark Hotel Wedding_1018 The Landmark Hotel Wedding_1017 The Landmark Hotel Wedding_1016 The Landmark Hotel Wedding_1019 The Landmark Hotel Wedding_1001 The Landmark Hotel Wedding_1009 The Landmark Hotel Wedding_1010 The Landmark Hotel Wedding_1022 The Landmark Hotel Wedding_1024 The Landmark Hotel Wedding_1023 The Landmark Hotel Wedding_1028 The Landmark Hotel Wedding_1029 The Landmark Hotel Wedding_1027 The Landmark Hotel Wedding_1003 The Landmark Hotel Wedding_1025

Christmas Wedding

There is nothing more special and memorable than a truly beautiful Christmas wedding, and I had the privilege to photograph one such event when Lucy and Will cerebrated their marriage on the 20th December.

The bride, Lucy, looked stunningly beautiful in a slim fitting, floor length lace gown with a small train. In fitting with the season, the gown had elbow length embellished sleeves. Lucy teamed her dress with a traditional cathedral length veil that complemented the gown perfectly, and accessorised simply with a small pair of pearl earrings. The groom and his groomsmen opted to wear traditional morning suits teamed with dove grey waistcoats and vibrant pink ties. The couple are clearly very much in love, and radiated joy and happiness from the moment they arrived at the church and this was reflected in the happy smiles of everyone attending the wedding.

Lucy and Will held their wedding ceremony at Saint Michaels Church in Sutton Bonington: A beautiful church that was very meaningful to the couple, made even more beautiful by the hundreds of white candles that adorned it. Once they were married and officially man and wife, they held their wedding reception in a traditional marquee in the grounds of the father of the bride’s home.

Entering the reception marquee was like entering a winter wonderland, with the whole venue bathed in blue light and tall Christmas trees serving as a backdrop to the top table. Continuing the wintery theme, each of the tables was named after one of the couple’s favourite skiing destinations. The whole venue had a white dance floor that sparkled with white LED lights, making the perfect place to party after the wedding breakfast was over, and ensuring that the evening went with a bang!

I was privileged to act as second photographer to David Morgan for this wonderful wedding. If you are looking for a Christmas wedding photographer to capture the special moments of your big day, simply get in touch.

Destination Wedding Photographer_0290 Destination Wedding Photographer_0291 Destination Wedding Photographer_0292 Destination Wedding Photographer_0295 Destination Wedding Photographer_0297 Destination Wedding Photographer_0299 Destination Wedding Photographer_0301 Destination Wedding Photographer_0293Destination Wedding Photographer_0289Destination Wedding Photographer_0296Destination Wedding Photographer_0298Destination Wedding Photographer_0300Destination Wedding Photographer_0302 Destination Wedding Photographer_0294Destination Wedding Photographer_0305Destination Wedding Photographer_0303 Destination Wedding Photographer_0306 Destination Wedding Photographer_0307Destination Wedding Photographer_0310 Destination Wedding Photographer_0308 Destination Wedding Photographer_0309 Destination Wedding Photographer_0311 Destination Wedding Photographer_0312 Destination Wedding Photographer_0313 Destination Wedding Photographer_0314 Destination Wedding Photographer_0315Destination Wedding Photographer_0317