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  • Exciting times! The wedding is nearly here! This form will give me all the information I need to know ahead of your wedding, and contains a few tips to help things go smoothly and get great photos throughout...

    It shouldn't take long to fill in - I like to think of it as my all-access backstage pass to your wedding. The more I know, the easier it makes it on the day for me and you guys.

    Feel free to ignore any of my advice below. It's your wedding and you should absolutely do what makes you happy!

    There's no super rush for you to fill in this form, as long as I've got it a week before the wedding that's perfect!

  • The Basics

  • To make sure the one I have is still right!
  • Your USB drive will need signing for, so it's sometimes easier if I send it to a work address
  • Girls Getting Ready

    • I'll normally arrive around 2 hours before you're expecting to leave for the ceremony.
    • Save any gift openings/givings until I arrive so I can capture the reactions.
    • Plan more time than you expect you need to get into your dress - it's a moment you should enjoy and not be stressed about running late.
    • Think about where you'd like to get into your dress and make it somewhere spacious and uncluttered with some natural light if possible.
  • (Chief bridesmaid, landline or something will do)
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  • Boys Getting Ready

    • I'll get some photos of you if it's logistically possible, otherwise I'll see you at the ceremony.
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  • The Ceremony

    • If it's a church ceremony please ask your vicar/priest well in advance if they have any specific rules or requests about photography - in the past I've been banished to the very back and sometimes not even allowed to take any photos during the ceremony at all. They often won't tell you about strict rules like this unless you specifically ask.
    • Ask the church/venue if they have any rules about throwing confetti.
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  • If parking is limited, please ask them to reserve/cone off a space for me as I'm often arriving at the last minute!
  • Anything else I should know about the ceremony, including the confetti rules if there are any!
  • After The Ceremony

    • After walking out of the ceremony, stand together and let your guests come to you and give you hugs, kisses and hellos! This gives me a good chance to get some natural photos of them at their animated best!
    • If you're having confetti, make it your bridesmaids' jobs to get it passed around (ask your florist to supply confetti if this is important to you - often nobody remembers to bring any!)
  • Your Reception

    • I don't recommend a traditional receiving line at any point. They take forever, and the people I've worked with who did it said they regretted it and would much rather have spent that precious time enjoying themselves. You're often saying hello to people you've already said hello to and even if you've only got 50 guests who talk for 30 seconds each that's 25 minutes!
    • I recommend you do your speeches after dinner, unless any of the speakers will be so nervous they won't be able to eat/enjoy the food! It lifts the mood and gets the momentum going again after dinner, and people pay attention better with full tummies!
    • I don't normally take pictures during dinner, and would love it if you could arrange some food for me too at this point!
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  • This'll usually be 15-20 mins before your actual meal time, so just double check with the venue.
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  • I will usually stay til 30-60 mins after your first dance to capture the party vibe and plenty of people dancing. If there's anything happening after the first dance, let me know in the box below.
  • If you've got anything else specific to tell me/ask me about this part of the day, let me know here!
  • People and Groups

    • Group photos always take longer than people expect - an average of 3-5 minutes per group! These shots can quickly eat into your day so I suggest up to six group photos - keep it to your VVIP's.
    • If you need more than 6 groups it's cool.
    • If your list is getting worryingly long, consider combining groups together.
    • I don't recommend the 'everybody' group photo as these always take forever to arrange. Unless you know you'll print it or use it in some way, don't bother, spend more time doing fun stuff!
    • After you decide on your group photos, give the list to your best man/ushers or a key person in each family and let them know you're going to need their help rounding people up for me.
  • Give each group a short name for me e.g. "Bride's Immediate Family"
  • List all the people you want in this group.
  • Photos of just the two of you

    • To some people, portraits are super important. Others, less so. I only want to do what you're comfortable with. Just like everything else, there are no rules 🙂
    • You don't have to 'pose' so don't worry! I just want you to look and feel like yourselves and I'll find cool locations and light, and give you a bit of gentle direction, that's all. I want you to enjoy this little bit as much as any other part of the day!
    • Normally I ask to borrow you for 20-30 minutes between the ceremony and wedding breakfast, and another 20 mins between the meal and first dance and we'll go for a little wander/explore both times.
    • If I spot something cool where we can make a photo at other times, I'll just ask to grab you for 2 mins.
    • Don't worry - I won't keep you away from the action for too long - I don't want you to feel like you're missing anything or for your guests to wonder where you've gone!
    • This is a nice chance for you to spend a bit of time together, as well as having some fun with the venue, location and light to make some cool pictures for your walls!
  • Let me know how important these sorts of photos are to you and realistically how much time you think you want to spend doing them... More time = more variety/creativity 🙂
  • And Finally!

    • If you've got any specific photo requests let me know below.
    • My approach on the day is to mainly follow my instincts, and capture the story of your day naturally and creatively and not get too distracted by structure or tradition. If there's something you want/need that you're worried I might not capture, let me know below and I'll make it happen!
    • I can't guarantee getting a photo of every person at your wedding - it's my job to tell your story rather than capture each face.
    • I'm totally flexible on the day, and totally happy to do anything that you may not have mentioned or asked me for, but the more I know now, the better!
  • I even need to know about anything you have planned that is a surprise or secret for your guests.
  • Let me know here if there's anything you want to tell me that's not covered elsewhere on the questionnaire. Any specific photo requests, or any questions about anything that I haven't covered.