Aynhoe Park Wedding Photographer

Menai and Krish’s wedding was uniquely beautiful for many reasons. The couple celebrated a true marriage of cultures, getting married before friends and family at both a Hindu ceremony, and an English civil ceremony. As a backdrop to these momentous occasions, the couple chose the Aynhoe Park Wedding Venue, a luxurious 17th century Palladian country home in Oxfordshire, famed for its expansive collection of curiosities collected from around the world. The items were sourced by James Perkins, an adventurer who toured the world for 25 years, bringing beautiful art back to his private country home. Today, Aynhoe Park boasts a unique blend of classical sculpture, contemporary design features, photographs, large-scale taxidermy and an array of eccentric touches, including a giraffe suspended in the air, floating eternally thanks to a bunch of balloons.

Menai and Krish wished to express their unique love story, which began in Trinidad and which was celebrated before family and friends in the UK, in a quirky setting and without a doubt, this was one of the best Asian wedding celebrations I have been fortunate enough to photograph.

Both ceremonies were a dream, the Hindu ceremony filled with colour and tradition and the civil ceremony pristine and filled with the warmth which the couple and their families shared with all of us. We took a mix of candid, fun shots (such as the photographs of Krish getting ready the big moment) and lovely romantic images of the couple holding each other closely in the beautiful gardens of this special park. Many ingredients combined to make this one of the best Asian weddings we can recall: the beautifully manicured gardens and stunning interiors proved an ideal setting for bride and groom, who were filled with emotion at the thought of staring a new life together. We provided the second shooting services on this memorable day, working happily alongside David Morgan, the talented, award-winning photographer from Make Time Stand Still


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