Photos should be seen and not stored

I’m so glad that you’re considering including a wedding album with your wedding collection. I truly believe that
a wedding album is a family heirloom, a cherished record of your life together to recall the memories for you
and preserve them for others.
Of course, you will get your images in digital format, which you will store in a drawer for safe keeping. You
may even choose to print a few images off and hang on the wall, but a wedding album tells a story, a narrative,
it reminds you of the feelings and emotions you had at different points throughout the day, jogs your memory
on the conversations you had and the reactions of loved ones. A wedding album is special.

Do I get any input into the design?

Yes, of course. I will take your favourite images and present you with a first round of design. From this point
we will work together to make it perfect for you.

How many images should I select?

You can have as many photographs in your album as you wish, the albums are sturdy enough to take a lot of
images, even more so if you opt for a larger size.
Your ALBUM collection comes with 10 sides free of charge, equivalent to 20 pages and around 60 images, depending
on layout. Any additional images you wish to include beyond the 60 are chargeable. (You can see the costs
For a balanced design that’s not too crowded and allows each image to shine, I design 6 images for each
double page spread in the album. It’s natural to want to cram as many shots as possible into the album, but I
strongly advise that you do not exceed 6 images per side or risk losing the visual impact of the album.
Sometimes certain images look great as a full-page spread, I will consider this during the design process, but if
you have a specific shot do let me know.



Pick your album cover material and colour from these choices…


A stylish range of Italian leathers, soft and luxurious to the touch with a fine, natural grain, looks luxurious and smells lovely!

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A collection of elegant vegan-friendly faux leathers with a smooth, brushed feel.

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A sumptuous range of tactile linens, in a range of tones to compliment your album.

Henley Albums Linens


A modern palette of vegan-friendly faux leathers, with a shimmering finish and really soft to the touch.

Henley Albums Genuine Leathers no logo

Henley Albums Henley Albums Henley Albums